With Every Ending comes a New Beginning

“These are the End Times.”  You hear that a lot, lately; the fundamentalists see the end of their world, or more accurately, the end of their hegemony, and they act as if their personal “end time” is a larger cultural phenomenon, shared by the community, the country, and the world.  What it amounts to is,

Emotions vs. Feelings

(oh, I love a good fight!) “You hurt my feelings.” Part of the problem we have with discussions of this nature is the imprecise and inconsistent use of language; it was the root of my complaint about getting lost in Kant earlier.  We use the word “feelings” nearly indiscriminately, to designate an internal state, regardless

Response to a Scientist: My First Q & A

All I’m saying is that if you turn the lens around, this is what it looks like; it started out as and continues to be a philosophical endeavor, not a scientific hypothesis to be disproven.  And if there is definitive proof that consciousness is not a force of energy, then I’ll lay down my gun.