What is Belief?

Based on the idea that consciousness is energy, the energy of awareness, belief is what you invest your energy into.  You organize your entire mental schema around what you believe. Beliefs are the building blocks of the intuition, as facts are the building blocks of reason; not what intuition is ‘based’ on, but what it is ‘built’ of.

In like manner, reason is based not on facts, but on logic, the underlying structure of reason.  Since we don’t have a language to express the comparable structure on the intuitive side, it won’t be as easily explained.  Seth always said to look to your “core beliefs”; at base, what do you really hold to be immutably true?  In Immanuel Kant’s The Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, he seeks a standard of rationality, which he calls the “categorical imperative.”   I think the key here is not to seek the “categorical”, the absolute, but to find the immutable, the unchanging.  Underlying the universe that is in constant flux, there are immutable truths upon which the ever-changing materian world is constructed, developed and maintained.  There are such “truths”, but personally, I think it goes against the nature of reality to seek absolutes; we live in the universe of the particular, and absolutes

“What is truth?  Is mine the same as yours?”

The proper answer is that experience is truth; the only reliable version of truth we have to rely on.  No, your truth is not absolutely identical to mine, my experience – even as siblings, or mates, it holds true – my experience is different than yours, and thus my truth is not the same as yours.  There may be a single, consentual ‘reality’, but there is no singe ‘truth’; truth is where you arrive, and everyone arrives at the departure gate with a different experience.

This is why different people can hold opposing beliefs, yet have them both be “true” for the holder of each, and why the same people can harbor different beliefs at different points in their growth and development.  You change your perspective, your beliefs change accordingly.

According to A Course In Miracles, a ‘miracle’ is a change of perception.  Circumstances change because you approach them from a different perspective.  Facts don’t necessarily change, but beliefs alter the perspective from which circumstances are viewed, thus changing the circumstance.  This is operating in the realm of belief, not in the realm of reason.  Remember, both are valid, both are both essential and necessary to the functioning of mind.

If you want to look at it this way, “belief” is the “atom” of the intuition.  And yet you will argue that a belief has it’s component parts – concept, truth, ideas and ramifications – but then, so do “atoms”.  It’s the essential nature of the mystery – how can one thing be three things at once?  How can light be a ray and a particle at the same time?  It’s Reality’s “Horatio Clause”.  There are more things in heaven and earth…

   Reason                               Intuition

arrow_full_down_32                                  arrow_full_down_32

Logic                                   Faith

arrow_full_down_32                                 arrow_full_down_32

Fact                                 Belief

Reason is based on logic, built on facts

Intution is based on faith, built on belief

Belief is the building blocks of faith, which is the foundation of intuition.  Atheists (believers in no-G∞D) like to say, they “have no faith.”  But by faith, we don’t believe religious faith, a faith in a father-g∞d with the grey beard who lives in the cloud, but everyone has a constancy in belief in something – whether it’s physical reality, whether it’s the limitation of conscious existence to the body, whether it’s in science, or religion, or in the fact that the sun rises in the morning – everyone has a set of core beliefs and faith that they are true and consistent and constant, whether they include a G∞D-concept, or not.  Faith in G∞D is not the only faith.

In the same way that the structure of the brain influences the function of the mind, but doesn’t essentially change the nature of the consciousness animating the body, the structure of the core beliefs influences the way faith functions in our physical lives.   The vessel contains and channels the energy, it doesn’t change the nature of what it contains, but structure informs function.


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